Winter Ultra


 So running 100 miles just isn't enough? You want something bigger? Harder? Crazier? Than you are our kind of runner. The runner that tastes the sweet touch of common sense and spits it out in contempt. The kind of runner always looking to race just outside of your training and your experience. Welcome home, Dumbass. This is your race. 

There is NO experience required for this race. No lottery. No application. If you want in- you're in. Make no mistake, There are some rules- but not many. 

You will get some hot food, plenty of moral support and a huge-ass Colorado Flag buckle if you can make it. Although there are no "Aid Stations" we will have check-points along the route with volunteers to help you keep going. These volunteers and check-points are for safety only and should not be relied on for race support and aid. Runner and crew must be self sufficent and able to get you everything you need. 

The Events

135 Mile Solo


Can you make the 135 mile trek from Leadville to Walden powered only by your feet and your will? This is your event. 


135 Mile Duo


THIS IS NOT A RELAY. This is a two person team that must travel each step of the 135 miles together. There is no splitting miles and no slit finish. Either you both make it or you both DNF. 


135k Solo


If you arent quite ready to jump all in check out this 135k version that starts in Leadville and finishes at Muddy Pass (The Atlanic/ Pacific watershed point of the US).  


Race Starts Monday, Jan 6th 2020

March 17th

Registration Opens. 

October 31st

Crew manual and offical rules book sent out.  

November 28th

Registrations for all events closes. 

Jan 5th

Pre-race meeting and dinner in Leadville, CO.

Jan 6th

Race starts at teh top of Freemont Pass at 9am. 

Jan 8th

9am cutoff time for finish in Walden, CO.


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