The Lactic Acid Trip
Running Revival

All Events Held At Platte Canyon High School in Bailey, CO

lac·tic ac·idˌlaktik ˈasəd/noun Biochemistrynoun: lactic acid

  1. a colorless syrupy organic acid produced in the muscle tissues during strenuous exercise.

 The term "psychedelic" or "acid trip" 

1. derives from Greek words meaning  "mind revealing". Psychedelic experiences are interpreted in  exploratory, learning, recreational, religious/mystical and therapeutic  contexts.

 Looking for an epic high altitude race that doesn't require a crew or pacers? Do you need a high altitude training run to get you to the next level? Come join us for a run on what could be the worlds most scenic running track. This is a sufferfest and a party all wrapped into one psychedelic and fun event nestled deep in the Colorado Rockies. 

At almost 8,000ft this is unlike any other track or looped race out there- you will be surrounded by mountains, pine trees and even a rolling river as you run your laps. You will get the best of both worlds in an easily accessible and super fast race that also gives you serene breathtaking beauty. 

 Runners can camp out on the infield and run with all laps electronically timed by MCM Timing. Results are certified and posted to all record holding sites. 

The Events

12/24/48 Hour Lactic Acid Trip

Great way to get ultra experience in a low key and fun environment.  Come test your will and ability to race until the every second ticks off the clock! 

Walkers welcome too

Ultra Lactic Acid Trip

50k, 50 miles, 100k and 100 mile events are here! Finishers medals for all and buckles for 100 miler!

13.1 and 26.2 Lactic Acid Trip

Come out and have the time of your life with the funnest half marathon or marathon you'll ever run! Oh, and if you can stick around to watch the craziness as the all nighters keep on trucking. 

All events take place the weekend of Oct 5th-7th


You can camp overnight under the Colorado stars and cheer your running or catch a quick nap during your ultra race!

Pets are Welcome

Bring your friends as long as they plat well with others. 

Buckles and Medals

Any runner finishing 100 miles in any event will receive a kickass "VW Bus" 100 mile buckle. Medals will be given for all other events. 

Packet Pick Up

Exact times will be announced via email and on this site. Packets will be picked on site or at our running parter store in Littleton. 

Cupless Race!

We are a cupels race so bring your hand held bottles. Volunteers will be on hand to assist you in filling your bottles during the events. 

Just shut up and register

Its not as hard as you think and you'll be a better person after you get it done! 


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Lactic Acid Trip 12/24/48 Hour Run

Platte Canyon High School, US Highway 285, Bailey, CO, USA

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